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Saturday 16th, November 2013 / 15:14

We have all at one point in our lives been in a place where things just didn’t feel quite right. Whether it’s a job that no longer satisfies you, a relationship that is no longer loving, or a lifestyle choice that isn’t quite what you expected it to be, even those of us who seemingly have it all together have felt a little disconnected or lost in life. It’s something that lifestyle wellness coach, Adrienne Ford, can most definitely relate to on almost every level. As the most recent addition to the Stylust Magazine team, Adrienne Ford will be contributing a monthly column on health, wellness, and tips on how to be your best self and live the life you love. Get to know a little more about Adrienne here and stay tuned for her monthly column.

adrienne ford

First of all, welcome to the Stylust team! Why don’t you tell us a little more about your experience as a model. Was it a light bulb moment when you realized you didn’t want to model anymore or was it more of a gradual process?

It is my pleasure to be here, I love Stylust, and am honored to be part of such a dynamic team! My decision to quit modeling was an extremely difficult decision. Modeling had become my identity and I had no idea who I was or what I wanted outside of modeling. I had been living and working in London, England doing a showroom job for Nicole Farhi. I would sit in a room not much bigger than a closet, for eight hours a day, without WiFi, without human interaction, waiting for people to come in and select the clothing from Nicole’s line for me to try on. I would try the same clothes on every day. It was horribly boring and depressing, I felt like I was in the movie Groundhog Day. After six years of modeling all over the world, I expected more from my career.

I flew back to Canada to get my visa to move back to London, England, where I would work full-time as a model. I was walking down the street, planning my next “diet”, as there was constant pressure to lose weight… and it hit me. I had developed a bad relationship with my body, my food, and essentially myself. My life was complete chaos. I had no place to call home. Everything and everyone in my life was temporary. I tried to find happiness, excitement and fulfillment in shopping, partying, and in relationships. I finally asked myself the hard questions. Who am I? What was I doing? And who was I doing it for?

It was that light bulb moment when I realized I was in a terrible place, and I had to get out. I had created an unhappy reality for myself and in that moment took responsibility for my creation. With not a clue what I was going to do, who I was, or where to begin, I decided to stay in Canada and figure out my life, and even more so, find my way back to happiness.

Your mantra is ” Stop denying yourself, start supporting yourself”. Do you have a role model or person you look to for support during the tough times?

Now, I have SO many role models and have found support in many areas. It was very tricky at first, which is why I developed my coaching program for other girls that may feel directionless, unhappy, and confused with life. I know what it is like to feel like everything needs to change, and not have a clue where to begin. It is intimidating, overwhelming, and can stop the process of change before it begins.

I first found support on a yoga mat. I found a lot of support in my education program when I studied nutrition. I joined different woman groups that taught me meditation and helped me get in touch with myself. I saw a naturopath, a shaman, a counsellor, a nutritionist, as well as, studied neuroscience and psychology in particular areas I was struggling in. I trained under some of the best raw vegan chefs, recreating my love for food. I did many different healing journey’s and still actively am involved in many great supportive circles of woman like Conscious Divas and Celebrating the Goddess. I love Louis Hayes, she is an angel and definitely my role model.

I know this might be a loaded question, but what are some simple ways that women can be good or better to themselves on a daily basis to help them feel happier, healthier and emotionally/physically stronger?

As each woman is unique, I would say that health and wellness is individual to each woman and her needs. That being said I think the most powerful thing a woman can do, is decide to be her own best friend, and make decisions accordingly.

Women are natural givers. We like to give, we like to nourish, and nurture. BUT, sometimes this is at our own expense. When we decide to honor and love ourselves, FIRST, we immediately step into a place of taking care of our happiness, health, both emotionally and physically.

Every morning, check in with yourself. How do you feel? How much energy do you have? What can you change today to make life better? Being conscious of health and wellness needs to be part of your daily program. No one else is going to make sure you are healthy or happy. Our loved one’s of course care, but at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to take the time to connect and honor ourselves.

That, and smoothies. I think smoothies can change the world. I recommend at LEAST one a day.

From being a nutritionist to lifestyle wellness coach and everything in between, your plate seems to be full. How do you maintain balance and keep yourself in check when things get hectic?

I have a lazy Sunday rule. No matter how busy I am, I honor this day and rest. Some times I do not even check my phone. This is MY day. If I want to go shopping, I do this. If I want to watch movies in bed all day with my boyfriend, I do this. I try to plan nothing and allow the day to unfold naturally. It is my recharge day.

Beyond that I live a healthy clean lifestyle. I try to get a work out in daily, whether a home yoga session or a run. I have a clean diet that supports my body. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I drink a lot of water, hydration is SO important.

As a business owner I have to manage people’s expectations and keep my own health and wellness in mind. When things get hectic, I remind myself that this too shall pass and try to stay present with each task. I find taking action and doing things in bite sized pieces is best. I do not look at the top of the mountain and how far I have to go, I just pay attention to the next step.

Mostly, it is really important to have good support! Some times all a girl needs is a glass of wine and a good friend to talk it out with! That, or a dance party. Never underestimate the value of a good dance, it is soul food!

Finally, what are you most excited about for in terms of working with Stylust?

I love fashion and I love supporting the local community! I love sharing my health and wellness in any way I can. I am most excited to combine these loves and share it with the world. I feel so much is shifting in the way people look at life, fashion, community, and I see Stylust being a strong hub that supports and embraces this shift. Plus, Lindsey is a rockstar! I can see her passion and love for what she does. This is so important in life!

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