Lindsey W


Lindsey W
Founder, Editor, Stylist

Before Stylust was created in January of 2011, Lindsey freelanced as a fashion stylist in Vancouver, BC and worked at a fabulous Main St. boutique. A love for fashion and style was always prevalent in her life (as a child she was known to beg her parents to take her to church, just so  she could show off her stylish new outfits). She now has combined her true love of style and a new-found love of web design and social media in the form of Stylust, where she contributes as the founding editor as well as creative director and stylist for most of our editorials.

Coffee (she’s a bit of a coffee-snob). jewelry. spending her free time reading web design, social media, and fashion blogs. shoes. collaborating with awesome people. shopping of any sort.

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