Mastering the Art of Hanging Art

Friday 09th, August 2013 / 00:43

Part of the excitement of moving into a new apartment or just having your own place is the part where you get to scout out cool and authentic pieces of art to decorate your apartment! Although the journey in searching for unique art pieces is super fun, the task of framing and portioning when it comes to hanging them is not so fun (unless you’re an interior designer and you do this for a living hence making you an expert).

For all non-experts, here are a few tips on hanging art in your home.

1. From Within a Framework.

As a guide, try using paint tape to create a frame to work within, and place your photo frames evenly throughout. Make sure you place the corners of the frames in parallel to the outside edge of the tape framework so that once complete, the whole thing looks sharp and cohesive. Like this:

framework grouping

2. Make a Changeable Gallery.

If you’re like me and you require frequent change, choose a picture ledge to place your frames on instead of committing them forever to a single spot on the wall. This way, you get the freedom to add, change, and re-arrange and re-re-arrange as much as you like. Yay for effortless change!

frames on ledge

3. Work with Architectural Details.

If you don’t want to place your frames on a ledge, you can always use the hard shapes in a space, like doorways or furniture, as guidelines for your display. This in turn really softens up those architectural details in your home by having them almost blend in with the surroundings.


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