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The race of the wedding season is fully upon us, ladies. If you are lucky, you weren’t asked to be a bridesmaid at more than one wedding this time around. Any woman loves the romance of weddings just as much as anyone but there is a lot of hidden stress that goes hand in hand with the serenity of a wedding. With hours of swatches, cake tasting, china patterns, and stamping envelopes, image is everything and the bridal party is no exception. As much as we would love to just frolic in pretty dresses all day, there are other just as important tasks to take on as a bridesmaid or maid of honour.  Look no further for the bridesmaids dress that you will wear again and again – We thought it was a myth! – because the ladies at Muse Bridal Wear are huge advocates for stress-free shopping, and recognize the importance of everyone looking fabulous on the big day. We had a chance to catch up with Vanessa from Muse and hear all about what’s hot for spring/summer weddings in 2012.

Stylust (S): The notion of the wrap dress has been around for decades, what sets Muse apart from the masses?

Muse (M): We started making our Convertible Wrap Dresses in 2005 and since then we have relied on our customers experience to tweak and fine tune our styles. Some of our designs have come about because of customers requests! What sets our dresses apart is the comprehensive level of customization we offer- we custom make these dresses on a per order basis with choice of size, length, hem style, fabric and colour choice. This part may sound odd but we also hem our dresses where most other convertible dresses on the market are made with raw edges. We believe the dresses will wear better over time when the edges are professionally finished and we wouldn’t even dream of NOT hemming them.

S: What is your best selling piece?
M: I would say our ” Original 3″ are the best sellers- The Classic, Butterfly and Sassy styles are equally as popular for Bridal Parties. Super flattering on all body types and perhaps the most wearable after the wedding.

S: You do custom work, how in depth can someone be involved in the design process?
M: We start with the 12 styles of Bridesmaids dresses to choose from. You then select your fabric and colour as well as any add on’s like a contrast colour on the back of the straps or lace on the front of the straps. We have 5 sizes that cover sizes 0-24 and we custom make the dress to your desired hem length- this last one is important since ” knee length will vary greatly due to height differences. If a Bride is looking at a mix and match set of Bridesmaids we can help with colour palettes and mixing dress styles as well! While we do not offer custom dress designs from scratch, if a customer has an idea for a new styles of convertible dress or convertible gown or wants certain changes to existing designs we can usually work with that. We create two new collections a year and we will often incorporate a design that was suggested by a customer.


S: How would you suggest to wear the wrap dress post-wedding in a more casual manner (corporate or date night)?

M: For a corporate situation you could wear the dress in the short sleeve style paired with a cropped blazer- or wear it as a high waist skirt with a button blouse and cardigan. Date night? Halter style with a boho fringe shawl and platform wedges.


S: What is a clients biggest concern when looking for a bridesmaids dress?

M: The first consideration always seems to be color. Secondly and importantly its her Bridesmaid comfort. Happy Bridesmaid, Happy Bride is what we like to say. Sometimes it’s about versatility after the Wedding and sometimes its not. But I think its always about wanting your Bridesmaids to look and feel awesome on the big day.

S: What is the most popular colour available this season?

M: This week we have received orders for coral, teal, steel, black and copper and fuchsia! Quite the range. However one of the more popular trends is for antique gold, dusty rose and champagne!

S: How many different ways can the wrap dress be worn?

M: Tons! We show 15 variations but there are way more!
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