To BB? Or Not To BB? A BB Cream Overview.

Friday 05th, July 2013 / 11:18

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Whether you’re new to the beauty game or a seasoned vet you, you have probably heard of BB cream. If you haven’t, take a seat, grab a coffee and let me break it down. In a day and age where life is busier than ever, we as women (and men) want products that are multipurpose, cue in BB Cream. The letters BB stand for beauty balm or blemish balm, again life is busy so let’s just abbreviate it. Mainly sold in East and Southeast Asia, the Western market has finally caught on (let’s face it were not always ahead of the times). This cream is said to be everything your face needs in just one bottle. Serum to aid the skin, moisturizer to hydrate, primer to prep, foundation for coverage and sunblock to protect. Sounds too good to be true.

Formulated in the ’60′s by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, the cream was to aid cosmetic surgery clients from sun exposure. The cream soothed skin and also hid any redness after treatments as well as scars. In 1985 the balm was brought to South Korea and Japan. There was such a great response to the cream because porcelain skin was something the people would strive for. Korean celebrities took a very strong liking to the cream and began to heavily endorse it. Being focused on the porcelain skin look Korean companies offered only a limited number of shades for BB cream. The whitening properties of the balm were an important part of its strong popularity.

In 2012 cosmetic companies we know and love began to produce their take on BB creams. This also meant that there would be a different approach than the Asian market. The original formulas gave a heavier coverage, while North American brands would be on the tinted moisturizer side of the spectrum. Even though they may not provide total coverage, the cream still has an SPF, which we all need. Also they are packed full of anti-oxidants which we can never get enough of.

Whether you are a Bobbi Brown loving babe or a drugstore brand bargain hunter, there will be no trouble finding a cream to collaborate with your face. Brands that are always tried and true are ones such as L’Oreal, Dior, Maybelline and Estee Lauder. Remember to never be fooled by the one hue fits all marketing technique. There are a wide range of colours offered out there and you may need to test a few before finding the perfect tone. Best applied with a brush like most complexion makeup the key is to always blend. Just when you think you have blended enough, blend a bit more. Last but not least you must remember that although these creams are fabulous and packed with a major punch, they do not give total coverage. You may just need that concealer at times, just to go that extra mile.

Try a little or try a lot, just get out there and try. This facial phenomenon is definitely something to experiment with this summer, even for the SPF alone. Why not give your skin all that it deserves and look good while doing it? Click here to buy online.

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