Hot Summer Trends

Thursday 20th, June 2013 / 14:11

hot summer trends
Schools out, scream and shout! Are you ready for summer because we sure are. Summer is the time to try new things and create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the up and coming summer trends, because we’ve got your back!

1. To accommodate the hot summer weather, you will want to dress light yet still stylish. Tank tops are an obvious go-to for the summer, and this season you can find just about any style you can think of. This one with it’s simplistic yet detailed laser cutouts on the bottom hem scream chic, and ease in a little extra breeze. Dressier tanks are affordable additions as they are a great piece to pair up with a variety of bottoms like the  famous edgy skort from Zara that has been getting the ultimate fashion praise as of late. (Brandy Melville Vittoria Tank Zara Skort)

2. Are you ready to embark on endless adventures? Which really means your are going to be on your feet… a lot. Why not do it in comfort and in style? Gladiator sandals have not yet made an exit in our summer wardrobe because of the effortless look it gives to any outfit along with the comfort of the shoe being flat compared to being on the balls of your feet with a five inch heel. It’s a great shoe to wear to a theme park, the beach or maybe a cute date. (Sam Edelman Gigi)

3. For the summer, BB creams are probably going to be a girl’s best friend. Not only is it light weight and easy to wear, but it has so many great benefits that come along with it. BB creams provide light coverage, SPF to protect your skin from the sun and helps reduce wrinkles and inflammation to your skin. It’s definitely the go to summer beauty product for a natural and easy look. (Stila Stay All Day 1- In One HD Illuminating BB Cream)

4. Dainty pieces of jewellery are definitely making their way into our accessory collections this summer. Dainty knuckles rings are such a fun accessory to add to your outfit, and are one of those pieces that are simple yet so elegant. Alone or piled on, they pretty much work with any outfit in mind and can create an edgy yet casual look without looking too over accessorized. (Urban Outfitters)

5. Have you updated your summer playlist from last year yet? If you haven’t, then we’ve got just the artist that needs to be listened to for the summer. You probably heard their songs from movie trailers like The Host or maybe from Glee covering their songs. If you have not thought of who it is, It’s Imagine Dragons. Their songs are upbeat and edgy at the same time which is the best mix for the summer time. Two songs you will definitely be rocking to are It’s Time and On Top of the World. (Imagine Dragon: Night Visions)

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