Dressing the Part Summer Weddings

Monday 08th, July 2013 / 00:47

As summer wedding season approaches it’s time to either dig in our closets or scour the stores for something that is appropriate, tasteful yet still fun and flirty! (You never know how cute the groomsmen will be ‘til you get there, amirite!?). Not to stress though, there are many different options to choose from. We’re sticking with dresses here because they’re a bit more fun and event appropriate than a skirt/shirt combo and they’re incredibly easy. One great piece and you’re good to go!

Firstly, recycling a garment you already own. Now, no one ever wants to be caught wearing the exact same outfit somewhere twice, but that is what accessories are for. It’s amazing how simply switching up a couple of things like shoes and jewellery can completely transform a garment. An example of this is this lovely H&M mint dress that I went to three different stores to find. I wore it last summer to a wedding with simple, classic accessories keeping the focus on the dress itself. I plan on wearing it again to another wedding this summer and to mix things up, I will just add edgier accessories to create a whole new look.



The second option is to try to find a fairly inexpensive piece that you love that makes you feel great because you can never have too many of those. A perfect example of this is this lovely piece from Warehouse for only $100. It’s beautiful and would fit right in not only at a summer wedding but also at the office, a nice bar/lounge or theater.

summer wedding dresses

And finally for those who want to spoil themselves because let’s be honest, while you’re happy for your sister, cousin, friend, friend’s nephew’s cousin’s cousin that they’ve found eternal love, some of us are still looking and sometimes a great dress helps us along the way. Check out this gorgeous wrap dress from JC Collection for $395. It’s sexy yet classy, with a back detail to die for. This is definitely an investment piece that would give right back to you because there is no way to not feel amazing in it. It’s also easily transitional to work with the right blazer, perfect for business during the day and fun later that night!


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