Aruhndara and Isla Found Premier Summer Event

Friday 26th, July 2013 / 13:30

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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting some inspiring entrepreneurs at the Aruhndara and Isla Found summer preview event. For all of you who have not heard about Aruhndara I would have to say it’s one of the hidden gems in Yaletown. They carry organic beauty and skin care products with the idea of giving the buyers a chance to really experience the Eastern Spa philosophy of a combination of science and nature.
First, I was officially introduced to Vancouver owned vegan nail polish brand Lacc Beauty and was treated to a mini mani courtesy of Luxe Beauty and Mobile Spa. I got to choose from an array of Lacc Beauty colours. I was tempted to jump out of my comfort zone and try their brighter orange colour but ended up with the usual pastel palette.
Right after my mini mani, I was drawn to the Isla Found jewelry line. Their collection of locally made and finely crafted jewelry was right up my alley. I was greeted by two of the three ladies of the Isla Found team, local entrepreneurs who decided to take their love of architecture and translate it into well thought after jewelry pieces. Each piece of their jewelry has a great back story.

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Take for example the Odessa pendant (also known to many as the ‘bee-hive’ pendant); Roshni, who is apart of the design team, was flipping through an architecture magazine fell in love with the look and design of the honeycomb shaped details that adorned several of the doors in the Odessa Mosque. The atmosphere in Aruhndara was peaceful even with all the buzz from the event, oddly enough I walked out of there not only feeling a little pampered but well relaxed and with a new love for fine jewelry.

You can check out Aruhndara for yourself, and why not be a doll and follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all the awesomeness that goes on in that little shop!
Images courtesy of Aruhndara and Isla Found.

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