Easy Breezy Summer Hair: The Low Pony

Tuesday 30th, April 2013 / 13:35


Minimalism is super hot right now and as the mercury starts to rise we are reminded that through the hot summer months a simple and chic look will be our best escape from the heat. A modern twist on a classic style, this look is perfect for all your summer ensembles whether you are working up a sweat in the office, at the beach, or hitting the books for summer classes.

1. Start out by parting your hair slightly off centre and straightening with a straightening iron.

2. Tease your crown, backcombing underneath in sections with a tail comb to add a bit of volume.

3. Spray with a firm hold hair spray.

4-5. Tease a little more and smooth hair over the teased section.

Tip: to smooth over use the side of the comb opposite the teeth to ensure you don’t comb out the backcomb.

6. Gather hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck (in line with your earlobe). Leave a few strands out free to frame the face. Tug on the hair slightly to loosen up the hold and to add more volume. Spray with hairspray.

7-8. Take a  1 cm section from the bottom of the pony and wrap it around the elastic, twisting the ends as you wrap. Spray with hairspray.

9. Pin the wrapped section around the elastic at the base of the ponytail under the elastic.

10. Smooth back any fly-away hairs, and pull bits of hair out slightly to add a little bit more volume. Give the base of the ponytail a bit of a tease and one final spray of hairspray to keep it all together.

Photographer: Andrea Gurniak Make-up and Hair: Kaitlin Hargreaves Model: Tara B of Lexington Models

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