EFW07 Nicole Bridger You’re Not Alone

Wednesday 09th, October 2013 / 09:00

nicole bridger you're not alone

Nicole Bridger is a Vancouver based eco-fashion designer focused on women’s clothing. Every season, her creative fashion show kicks off Eco Fashion Week, her creative vision creating the perfect back drop to showcase her collection. This season the theme was “You’re Not Alone” and it opened EFW07 with quite a bang. There was a special model casting call for androgynous models prior to her show. Since her line aims to celebrate the female figure by offering chic silhouettes, seeing men walk down the runway with her dresses made a bold and powerful impact.

nicole bridger you're not alone

After the show, we had a word with the talented designer and uncovered her inspiration and the message behind this show. You’re Not Alone aims to celebrate humanity. Deep down, we are all the same, and we don’t have to be treading through life feeling lonely. We can do what we want and be who we want to be while transcending the boundaries of gender. The models also doubled up at the beginning of the runway, faced each other and took a moment to connect with each other. The act further solidified the message of you’re not alone. We are all just people. We should support each other, judge less, love more and help each other become who we are meant to be.

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Photography: Peter Jensen

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