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Described as “uplifting the human spirit”, Trisha Rampersad colourfully displayed this quality through her pastel-coloured frocks for BHANA‘s S/S 14 collection. It was almost the polar opposite of her F/W “Fearless” collection which consisted mostly of sleek silhouettes and form-fitting designs that were strong but feminine. It left a lasting impression on me and I expected to see the same components for her collection at this season’s Eco Fashion Week. When the first model emerged, however, I was surprised. I had half-expected to see dark colours and automatically feel an air of fierceness hit the runway. What I saw instead was a confection of pastel hues, billowy fabrics, flowy skirts, and A-line style dresses – BHANA’s collection had beautifully softened.

The simplicity and minimalistic quality that comprised her F/W collection was still evident and it remained that way for the first half of the collection. Although the overall look was very soft, pretty, and romantic, I couldn’t help but think that there was a rather mundane and lacking quality compared to her previous collections. But then partway through, Rampersad had her models walk out in biker-style blazers which seemed like a subtle wink at some of the edginess from last season’s collection. BHANA_1
Intermixed among these designs, were maxi-style dresses in shades of periwinkle blue, mustard yellow, white and grey. The flowiness of the fabrics combined with soft, windswept curls worn by the models provided an ethereal quality to her collection. Rampersad’s attention to detail is noteworthy – it was interesting to see the hem of the dresses outlined in black. One of my favourite designs from her collection is this (pictured right) mermaid inspired dress. The shell-like bustier paired with the flowing white skirt is simply gorgeous.


What makes BHANA consistently good every season lies in Rampersad’s ability to create such wonderfully wearable pieces. Though BHANA only marked its debut last season at EFW, it has already won its way into the hearts of many people. Audiences seemed enraptured in the same way that they were when Rampersad debuted BHANA’s “Fearless” collection.  But her S/S 14 collection represented a purity and softness which stayed true to her design philosophy this season: “Embracing the goddess within”. Whether or not the designer will showcase her collection again next season (and I really hope she does), I can’t help but anticipate sheer beauty and talent.

Photography by Rachel Gamboa

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