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Monday 30th, September 2013 / 08:55

Now that you’ve cleansed and organized, it’s time to put some great tools to work so you can get on with the best part of the process; the shopping. You can now evaluate your closet, see the “holes” in it, and start making a plan of action. It’s not all boring I assure you but it will require a little bit of work. Start by asking yourself what you need as opposed to what you want and make a list. Take the list seriously and bring it with you whenever you shop. Here we list some useful tools to get your list started and make your style aspirations come to fruition. Also, don’t forget to enter to win a two-hour shopping session with the amazing Nicolette Lang-Andersen.


With over 70 million users sharing their ideas and inspirations, creating and maintaining boards can tend to get a little overwhelming at times. The key is to use it effectively by being choosy and organized. Start by creating a dedicated board for outfit/shopping inspiration. Use this board to pin outfits you love and that you also really think you would wear. Though it is tempting to pin every shot from NYFW or the latest Prada campaign you might want to reserve these types of pins for another board that can inspire you in a different way. You can edit your boards at any time but remember to be realistic and you will save yourself a lot of time. You can also pin outfits or pieces that you know you have already to so the next time you stumped for what to wear you can log in and be inspired by something that is attainable in the moment. This will help you to get more wear out of current items and to help you create a sort of visual shopping list.

Kurate Style

An online style app that recognizes where you are, what your mood is and chooses outfits for you. They take the legwork out of compiling inspiration boards and making shopping lists so that you can focus on the best part; shopping. It’s kind of like Songza but for fashion. The website hasn’t launched just yet, but you can sign up to their email list for updates on the official launch and follow their social media outlets for daily style inspiration.

Fashion Bloggers

It is easier now than ever before to have your own little corner of the world-wide web from small town fashionistas to big city style experts everyone has something to say or share. The best part about fashion blogging is that it offers readers a realistic view into women’s closets all over the world. Most of us can relate far more to someone we feel a connection to than flipping through a fashion magazine and seeing celebrities or models in the seasons hottest fashions. You likely have your own list of bloggers you admire but here are a few of our local and international faves that we feel meld the perfect combination of style, versatility, and reality to their everyday ensembles; Alicia Fashionista, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Keiko Lynn, and To Vogue or Bust.

Magazines and Catalogs

It is a little dated but just as effective as ever. Before Pinterest, the fashion obsessed would buy or subscribe monthly to style magazines of choice and tear out stories, images, and campaigns that would serve as the driving force behind their wardrobe. Catalogs like JCrew or Holt Renfrew are also great sources. If you feel like being nostalgic or just plain playing it old school subscribe to your favourite magazines and settle in for a good read and tear sesh. Magazine paper is recyclable but try not to be super wasteful (you can use scraps for future DIY projects). Our faves? Instyle, Fashion, and Flare.

And of course you can read Stylust and follow our social media feeds for style, fashion, and beauty inspiration!

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