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Thursday 24th, October 2013 / 08:20

The Vancouver Home and Design Show presented by Scotiabank kicked off last Thursday and ran all weekend through until the 21st. There was definitely a lot to see and do and being a first timer, I really wanted to take the show in for everything it was. Let me just say it was very hard for me not to write page after page of what I loved so much about the show but these are a few of my most favourite. All in all I came out swooning over beautiful designs and armed with a hefty list of DIY to-do’s. First I stopped off and had a sweet little chat with Christine Friend of The Friendly Decorator. I love her simple philosophy, “a beautiful space is dependent on the people who use it, not on how much it costs with Paypal or PsBill.”. Ah, a girl after my own heart. She was super sweet and I picked up some great ideas for a future gallery wall project that you will just have to stay tuned for.

The Urban Barn‘s Next Top Designer was one of my favourite parts of the show. Not being a homeowner just yet means I really have to make my space work for me and that means accessorizing is my best tool. Much like putting the finishing touches on your favourite outfits, you really have to mindful of how you pile things up and on. Seeing all the rooms merchandised in simple and chic decor was really inspiring. I’ve been thinking about a coffee table tray all summer and I think this one is perfect.


As I said, accessories are so much more in my realm at the moment and candles are my vice. They make any space smell amazing, and they create a warm, romantic ambiance. There is nothing quite like snuggling up with a good book, some tea, and watching the flames dance. I make a point of always having a candle or two around the house at all times and I kind of can’t wait to get my hands on one of these ones by Little Wren. We’ve all seen some version of the hand poured teacup candle but I love how Lauren (the owner – who is super sweet by the way) chose to offer the candles in various sizes and not only in traditional teacups but in clear glass cups as well as dishes and creamers for those with more modern taste.


I fall in love with Irit Sorokin designs every single time I see her pieces. They are very distinct – I would know them anywhere. I also – finally – got to meet the wonderful women behind the brand and she is as sweet as ever. She is one of those people I feel I could have coffee with and never run out of things to chat about. You can catch her at the next Portobello West Market if you want to get a closer look, which I certainly highly suggest.


Gold and silver are totally having a moment that I hope lasts forever. Clean, modern, and sleek they offer a touch of glam to any space. Mixing and matching is the best way to go when accessorizing a space, according to Jillian Harris, the hostess of Love It or List It Vancouver. Also keeping a balance of one-of-a-kind vintage and modern pieces will ensure that your decor remains effortlessly fresh. Well that’s advice I can definitely get behind.


Special thank you to Reformation PR for having us at the show this season!


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